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🧡 Community Guidelines 👾

🙏 THNDR⚡️GAMES Community Guidelines:

⚡️ We want this group to stay cool and keep growing together, while having fun and stacking sats. Although, we have some simple guidelines as a Bitcoin gaming community:


No Insults (if a spammer texts you via DM from our group, let the admins know about it).
No Politics. Abstain from unproductive political discussions, this is a gaming group after all.
No referral or affiliate links (You will get banned)
Be helpful to bitcoin beginners
No harassment, racism or hate speech
No begging or asking for money
Only share links if in the context of a discussion (no link spam)

Remember that we are here for two (2) reasons: to relax among some fellow bitcoiners and obtain our sweet satoshis.


👾 This group is for talking about THNDR games, having a fun time while earning sats, learning from other players and getting hugs 👉 #1satgang ✨.

You can also talk about topics that the community likes but this is not a space to comment on trading or altcoins (if you really want to talk about politics, please join other groups focused on that).

🐱Remember: SATS / Bitcoin 🙆🏽‍♀

Thank you so much for being here, you are legends!

Be respectful 🧡

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Updated on: 21/02/2022